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Building Trust, Investing
in Relationship

Your path to financial growth with Family, Friends, and Friends of Friends


Investing Together,
Growing Together

Where family and friends come first for top-notch investment services


High-Level Privacy

By limiting access to only family and close friends, this site provides a high level of security and privacy for startup founders and investors.


Safe Collaboration

Involving family and close friends creates a more intimate and trusted environtment for collaboration between investord and startup founders.


Flexible Learning

Flexible learning opportunities for all startup founders to enhance their knowledge of business management and financial growth planning.

Financial Prospects

You no longer need to go home or go to the bank to do this. Only through this platform, all financial activities can be completed.

Financial transactions become easier

Accelerating economic turnover

Supporting financial inclusion

Value Added Services

Make your life easier with comprehensive integration support that allows financial planning to be more seamless.



is a dynamic platform designed to connect businesses with a pool of highly skilled professionals, poised to elevate projects to new heights. With a focus on quality and affordability, AndTalent serves as a gateway for companies seeking top-tier talent at competitive rates

Algorithm as a service 

Delivering algorithms and computational models through cloud-based services. Users can remotely access and utilize these algorithms via APIs without the need to develop or maintain them, enabling access to advanced algorithms for tasks like data analysis, machine learning, and optimization, without requiring extensive computational resources or expertise.



A specialized platform for founders of both new and experienced startup companies to exchange expertise and engage in discussions for the progress of their respective companies.

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